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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How to Benefit from Disability Claim at an Earliest Opportunity

Going to court without a lawyer is like driving with your eyes closed or going to war without the necessary equipment.

One should never attempt to go to court without a lawyer as this will entail devastating effects. More so, if the legal issue involved is a claim under the Social Security. Social Security claims are very complicated matter and involve tedious court processes which are unfamiliar to ordinary people.

Statistics show that the Social Security Administrations denies about 70% of disability claims presented before it. From these 70%, 70% gets favorable result on appeal or reconsideration. These denials happen mostly at the initial stage of the claim. This only shows that engaging the services of a Social Security lawyer at the very beginning will prevent further frustrating effects.

In other words, participation of an attorney is indispensable especially when your claim is denied at first. Such denial will cause the following steps to be done:
  • Appeal within 60 days from receipt of denial. Your lawyer will file an appeal request and state in detail your reasons why you are entitled to disability.
  • Hearing before Judge.
  • Appeal to the Commission if the judge made an unfavorable decision. An appeal to a commission takes months and even years.
The next time you think of applying for disability benefits on your own, think twice. The court proceeding will go on for months. By that time that the claim is approved, it may be too late for you and our family. Isn’t it that immediate financial assistance is what you need? So why endure court battle if you can prevent it at the earliest opportunity?